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Instructional Aide Interview Questions

"Instructional aides work in conjunction with teachers to provide additional assistance in the classroom. Be prepared to discuss your teaching style, experience working with children, and ability to diffuse tough classroom scenarios. To ace the interview, make sure to showcase a positive attitude and your passion for working with kids."

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Previous experience in school, age range of students, examples of problem dealing with student instruction, examples of multi-tasking, how would I deal with a student acting out.

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Dealing with instruction or personality difficulties from student might stem from a problem at home, at school, or child just doesn't understand and cannot articulate. Take your time, sit down low to their physical level, and try to put it in a different way, maybe they like baseball and you can give an example of the problem in terms of baseball that they can understand. Always encourage.

How would I handle difficult situations with kids with Aspergers

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What was the most important thing about the student that I would do for him?

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How would you handle a child smearing fecal matter at school?

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What instructional activities would you implement to enhance the English language proficiency of ESL students?

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Tell me about yourself, what have you accomplished at your last job, and what do you know about our company & the position? Besides that - I do not remember recall.

How would you handle a child who is disruptive during a small group activity and the other children begin to follow suit?

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1. Why are you passionate about education? 2. What is your experience in education? 3. How would you handle teaching math and science through literature?

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