Instructional Aide Interview Questions

Instructional Aide Interview Questions

"Instructional aides work in conjunction with teachers to provide additional assistance in the classroom. Be prepared to discuss your teaching style, experience working with children, and ability to diffuse tough classroom scenarios. To ace the interview, make sure to showcase a positive attitude and your passion for working with kids."

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Roseville Joint Union High School District
Instructional Aide was asked...May 19, 2015

Previous experience in school, age range of students, examples of problem dealing with student instruction, examples of multi-tasking, how would I deal with a student acting out.

1 Answers

Dealing with instruction or personality difficulties from student might stem from a problem at home, at school, or child just doesn't understand and cannot articulate. Take your time, sit down low to their physical level, and try to put it in a different way, maybe they like baseball and you can give an example of the problem in terms of baseball that they can understand. Always encourage. Less

Dickinson ISD

What was the most important thing about the student that I would do for him?

1 Answers

I would make sure that he would be treated with respect just like any other student and made sure that his studies were done and on time. Less

How would I handle difficult situations with kids with Aspergers

1 Answers

Calm voice, looking straight in eyes, ask them to focus, remain calm

Aspire Public Schools

My education, experience with students. What would I do with students with a behavior problem and "tell us a time" when you had a student behavior problem and a time when you and a coworker didn't agree.

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10 years private tutoring math/English elementary level, afterschool program instructor, class aide for both regular and special ed. This year there was a student who got in a fight with another student screamed at her that she was lying. I separated both students and had them draw out problem as they were 1st graders. I then asked each girl what happened. One girl said the other threw her paper on the floor. The other girl said it fell. I told the other girl that when the paper falls you politely tell he she dropped her paper which solved the problem. This year there was an aide who the lead teacher, myself and another aide felt wasn't doing his job. She told me to show him how to work with another student. He wasn't receptive to what I was saying and I told this to my supervisor when she asked. She said that I had to explain things to him so after she and the principal had a talk with him he did a lot better on the day he and myself managed the class together. Less

last year I had several students with behavior problems. As an afterschool instructor I started by having a seating arrangement so the quieter and more noisy students are mixed together. I set some class rules and consequences when they weren't followed. First time is a time out for 5 min. 2nd time they miss a fun activity, 3rd time I talk to afterschool director. With one student who would walk out of class constantly and run around rather than listening, I found that having him sit in the back as an assigned seat was one effective way to get him to do his work. I also found that having him pick books and go read at his desk along with the rest of the class helped with maintaining class order while other students were still working. Having them sit away from class materials so they don't touch them during circle time was also effective. Soon the kid was sweeping the floor without being told. Less

sometimes I worry about what needs to get done but that helps me get it done sooner so I don't have to keep worrying about it. Last year another aide and I didn't agree on a way to handle a difficult student. We managed to settle our differences by talking it out and were able to run the class together when the head teacher wasn't there. Less

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Orange Unified School District

If a parent asks you a question about their child's academic levels, what do you tell them?

2 Answers

I can not speak to anyone about that and she must ask the teacher for the information she is looking for Less

I would tell the parent that they need to talk to the teacher about that

Riverside USD

How would you handle working with a difficult student?

2 Answers

I try different strategies. With a current student, I use hands on learning activities so he doesn't get tired and lose focus. I start by asking how they're doing. If upset we take time to discuss why and if it's something I can't solve I let them know I'm available if they want to talk. I use incentives to get work done Less

If I was with a student who had trouble learning the topic, I would try to see if there was another way we could show it to them. Maybe they learn better hands on or maybe they learn better writing things down. I would let Less

Garden Grove Unified School District

What would you do if a parent complains about certain things.

1 Answers

I would tell them that they need to talk to the teacher

Pasadena Unified School District

Have you ever worked with children before?

1 Answers

I've been working with kids both special needs/regular ed both individually and in the class within the academic setting for 10 years Less

Huntington Beach Union High School District

What subjects do you feel comfortable with? (i.e. English, math, science, etc)

1 Answers

I am most comfortable with elementary math/English from k-6

Santee School District

Why do you want to work with Children?

1 Answers

I like planning lesson plans/learning games for kids and working with them to succeed Less

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