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What would you do if.... (projector went down, lost power, computer froze, class got out of control, etc)

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Just be prepared with an answer like, "Don't panic. Be prepared to adjust to change quickly and with positivity and have your brain in gear to come up with a solution. And always lean towards safety, not risky, and whatever you do, put a positive spin on it. (Lights are out? Fantastic! It's not often we get to do our meeting outdoors! Perfect weather too! We will get you the facts you need to know today and then we will reschedule the greater part of this meeting for another day when the power is more cooperative!)

1. If lights out - it's not going to work we still have to fhinish the class. Wait a few minutes and then ask everyone to stay seated if is really dark for safety's sake/ I call maintenance or custodian or collegue to find out whats going on so I can decide how to proceed 2.Computer locks up, I love computers, don't you -- Okay lets take a 15 minute break while I get this resolved. 3. Class out of control, Everyone lets get back on topic, we need to make it through this section and then we'll take a break. If there is a particular person who is disruptive then at the break I'll pull them aside and ask them to discuss their issues with me in private and to refrain from disruping the class or I'll have to ask them to leave.

If your projector shut down don"t panic lost of power,and computer froze got out of control, The first thing you do check up the wiring regarding loss contact and loss connections. The second thing is to unplug your device for a few minutes and plug it again to back up again.

Just scenario-based. Asked about ISD theories and practices. Typical.

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How well do you handle stress? SRI expected to terminate another resource on site that I would be working with for a week, but would eventually replace that resource. I wasn't to say anything to that person about SRI's expected eventuality.

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Do you have a portfolio we can review?

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Describe your background. Why did you choose UPS? Are you comfortable with working independently? Do you have project management experience? Do you have experience with instructional design software?

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What beauty trend are you following?

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How did you bring value at a previous job?

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Why do you choose the job you do?

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