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Give an example of a project you were responsible for and describe the overall situation/outcome. Explain some of the challenges? What are some of the reasons that you would like to work for GE? Explain a situation where you had a conflict with a coworker and describe the outcome with an example?

How would you go about literally finding a needle in a haystack?

Why are you here and why do you want to work for Lilly? - asked four different ways but essentially the same question...

If you have an employee that repeatedly keeps making the same mistake how do you handle the situation?

If a conveyor is not working when it should be how would you address the issue?

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What does P.I.D. stand for

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If your coworkers are mad because you keep taking overtime, when they don't want any, what do you do?

Though I did not find the question unexpected or difficult, I did find answering it to the satisfaction of one committee member to be difficult. The question: "Could you describe a problem that you found interesting and its solution?" I described a problem which had a simple solution but had presented as far more difficult due to the circumstances. The particular person seemed unimpressed and disappointed, and asked in several different ways during the narrative why I had not pursued the simple solution first. I re-iterated the circumstances which seemed to satisfy the other committee members, and the committee chair moved to another subject.

Mundane trivial technical questions.

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