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if you have a pump in a run of piping a dp pressure readouts coming off the piping, one 3 floors above, one in line with the pump, and one 3 levels below, which is most accurate? Will the one above read higher, lower, or the same? What about the one below?

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most accurate: the one in line one above: lower because you are using the pump head to get the water to the detector and gravity is working against you. one below: higher because the weight of the water on top of the detector.

you have to understand and apply Bernoulli in the context of reading flow. what are you reading? static pressure? velocity pressure? the readings can be accurate at any point, but you have to adjust using textbook formulas for the changes that occur in flow both downstream and upstream of the pipe. for example, you have to either add or subtract friction loss and head loss depending on where the reading is. If you calibrate readings for such changes, then you can get accurate readings in any location.

Knowledge on PLC.

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Asked about your experience pertaining to the job, and asked what service area you would prefer to work in.

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In the absence of a procedure and with no time to consult a supervisor, how would you complete an unfamiliar task?

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Past employment, gaps in employment, experience.

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why would we use a current loop in our equipment instead of a voltage loop?

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Are you an expert, somewhat of an expert, needs minimal training, or needs trained on the job are you are applying for?

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Topics related to specialty in instrumentation to scenarios on "how did I handle...". Many safety related questions and topics.

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