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Insurance Carriers interview questions

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when given a data set, what is the first step u take? before u start analyzing it?

2 Answers

I said we should clean it up. Try to see which variables we can get rid by checking for collinearity. The interviewer's followup question was - what about even before this? I said "determine the goal as in figure out what we want to accomplish". She then asked "how we do this?" We just kept going in a circle with this question...

I would say that we should visualize the data first, getting a sense of it. How many attributes it contains? What are the ranges of the attributes? What is the data type for each attribute (ordinal, categorical, ratio, interval)? How might they be related? What are the predictors and how about the response(s)? These are typically the first thing I'd like to know when investigating a data set that I have no previous knowledge of.

Give an example of a time when you gave great customer service.

1 Answer

"How do you deal with situations when you are leading a project and one or more people do not do their share of the work?"

1 Answer

How do you detect fraud? What experience do you have?

1 Answer

Caller reports Monitor/Display blacked out; How do you troubleshoot? Microsoft Word fails to launch;How do you troubleshoot?

1 Answer

How has your previous experience prepared you for a role like this?

2 Answers

What are the risks to investors of currency arbitrage?

1 Answer

Are you comfortable with entering people's homes and explaining/handling insurance policies?

1 Answer

What is your opinion of including social media in the overall communications process?

1 Answer

What would you do about something you had to do but did not have all the answers?

1 Answer
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