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Why isn't money the most important thing to you?

3 Answers

It just isn't.

It actually is at this point. I need it to live and money isn't just money. It ALWAYS represents something more. It is the something more that matters.

It is very important. It represents more than just its base monetary value. Money represents security and opportunity. It is a valuable and necessary tool that provides power in both financial and consumer markets.

Tell me about yourself

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Q: What would be you areas of opportunity.

1 Answer

Role playing with one manager and one analyzing you was the most difficult

1 Answer

Asked me to come back to a "cattle call" or Open House for a presentation on an evening.

1 Answer

Basically do you fog a mirror! Stupid and desperate with time and cash!!

1 Answer

After personally showing up I was not asked anything nor did I speak with anyone about the position. I was conducted to the computer room with a number of others and told about the computer test. I was then informed that she was sorry, but if I wanted, I could apply again next year.

1 Answer

do you sell life insurance before

1 Answer

Do you want to "help" people? They forgot to say helping people meant helping them obtain their goal of so many SNA (successful new agents) that month!

1 Answer

Why do you want to work at New York Life?

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