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Software Developer & Integrator II was asked...August 3, 2011

Jim has 42 cents and has 8 coins, and Jack has 56 cents and has 6 coins. Which has more nickels than the other?

4 Answers

Jim has 2 nickel and Jack has 1

Above answer is wrong...doesn't add up. Answer from Sept 9 is correct. But more explicitely, the answer is. Jim has 4 nickels (20), 2 dimes (20) and 2 pennies (2) = 42 cents with 8 coins Jack has 2 nickels (10), 2 dimes (20), 1 quarter (25) and 1 penny (1) = 56 cents with 6 coins But, remember to state the answer to the original question - "Jim has more nickels." Less

Jim has 4 nickels and jack has 2

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Assign length of time dedicated to a set of provided User Stories.

1 Answers

I said points aren't supposed to represent actual time spent on a User Story.


What is the difference between an android activity and a fragment?

1 Answers

Lot of difference between fragment and activity. Fragment is a sub activity and where activity is the one where user can see. To add the fragment to an activity we need to request instance to save by calling addtobackstack( ) Less


Regular object oriented programming questions.


Explain what you know about iOS Tableviews


Analytical interview: How would you estimate the number of ads being served in the US?

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