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Jim has 42 cents and has 8 coins, and Jack has 56 cents and has 6 coins. Which has more nickels than the other?

4 Answers

Jim has 4 nickels and jack has 2

Jim has 2 nickel and Jack has 1

Jim as 4 nickels - 5 +5 +5+5 +10+1+1+10 = 42 JAck has 3 nickels - 5+5+10+25+5+1 = 56

What is the difference between an integrated systems consultant and a management consultant

2 Answers

How does a substrate bias (a.k.a. back-gate bias) on a MOS transistor affect Vt?

2 Answers

Informal: tell me about yourself style questions

2 Answers

Are you a 'clock watcher'? Note, an inappropriate question to a person with 18 years of experience working in Manhattan in the Pension Industry

1 Answer

What do you see yourself doing for Lockheed Martin in five years?

1 Answer

What do you do for fun after work? What would you like to do with us after work?

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The director wanted to get a better understand of my technical knowledge and asked me "What is a primary key" as it relates to database tables. While I knew the answer, I definitely wans't expecting them to ask me real technical questions.

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Given the class: CStudent { char *name char grade }; There are 1 million objects... a) what is the fastest way to sort by grade (primary sort) and name (secondary sort) ? b) what is the fastest way to sort by name ? c) Order notation... what is the time required to sort by name ?

1 Answer

Other than the usual ones they asked: how many windows are in your hometown(probably just to see how you think), Does sound travel fastest in water,air or steel were the only ones out of the ordinary.

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