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Nothing unexpected. Pretty standard questions like reversing a string in C etc.

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void reverse(char* input) { char temp; char *end; end = input; while(*end) { end++; } end--; while (input < end) { temp = *input; *input = *end; *end = temp; input++; end--; } }

Everything was related to projects and work on resume.

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Discuss why it is best to use different values of decoupling capacitors in a power distribution network instead of a single capacitor.

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what kind of project do you want to do at QC?

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Given a condition of IC tape out next day , which one will fix first ?? Set up time violation or hold time violation ? The reason for doing that.

C programming, "puzzle questions," simple data structures and algorithms in language of preference.

How will you size the transistors ( in real world which involves many transistors ) ? Not the logical effort sizing in text books.

given a string of changes (in sort of an x-y coordinate), return a list of events that categorize the changes

What kind of vcs do you use

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giving a list of numbers and a target number, find all the combination of numbers which is smaller or equals to the target. eg: if list is {3,7,8} and target is 8700, then 3, 8, 7 ... 333, 888, ... , 8377 are all possible numbers.

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