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JTI - Japan Tobacco International
Internal Audit Manager was asked...January 19, 2020

Lot of focus on Individual's Attitude towards work. Your Strengths and weaknesses

2 Answers

Case study they provide ?

What was the case study about?


why you applied for NCR

1 Answers

Because of values

Qurate Retail Group

The interviewer never showed up for scheduled interview

1 Answers

The interviewer never showed up for scheduled interview


Explain work history

1 Answers

Walked thru positions listed on my resume and pointed out duties that directly related to this position Less


Show you a stapler and ask you what you see...

1 Answers

They're looking for out-of-the-box thinkers so don't say "stapler"


What do you give your kids for a breakfast?

1 Answers

Depend on the day..

Tata Communications

Top findings in other companies that you have audited

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Listed top findings along with details of 1. root cause analysis , 2. facts and figures, 3. impact / savings amount+%, 4. process improvements etc. 5. Feedback received from client/ team/ awards Less


The examination asked me to identify risks (i.e. entity-level risk, process risks) given a situation. It asked me to identify the 5 main frameworks of COSO and identify them in the circumstance provided. I was also asked how I would assess the situation and what appropriate action should I take. The interviewer also asked me to define Revenue as per IAS 18 and define deferred tax and give an example. Furthermore, they asked me to differentiate standard costing from the other costing methodologies. The interviewer also asked my greatest challenge on my previous job.

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To be honest, I flunked this interview. I did not come from an internal auditing background. I came from external audit. CPAs do come from different backgrounds and industries even as an external auditor. They asked me to identify and explain the COSO Framework. It felt like I am going back to my theories in college. LOL. I was not able to enumerate everything. Only two out of five. The revenue definition as per IAS 18 and deferred tax was easy. However, I did forgot the different costing methodologies. Quite embarrassing to be honest. I get that it is mandatory to know these things but sometimes, we really cannot prepare for everything. For the greatest challenge, I answered him that it was the identification of fraud which was the most challenging as there were connivance between responsible employees. I discussed the step-by-step process and what happened to those involved. The interviewer kept on pressing a very detailed explanation on this. Overall I think the interview focused too much on the theoretical and technical side of internal auditing rather than the skills, experience, and what the applicant can offer. Technical Skills can be learned easily by book. However, in my opinion, they didn't consider the Soft Skills of the applicant honed through years of experiences. The interviewer was very respectful though. Less

Livongo Health

What is Enterprise Risk Management

1 Answers

How would your work manage remotely?

UC San Francisco

Experience in the academic setting.

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I explained my background.

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