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An insurance company only makes a payout when damage is above 1000. Only 50% of the damage above 1000, including the 1000 is paid out. If the payout was 1250, what was the damage?

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1250 = 1000 + 50% * (X) 250 = 50%* (X) X = 500 Total Damage = 1000 + X = 1500

1250 = 50%*(damage - 1000) 2500 = damage - 1000 Damage = 3500

Tell me about a time you failed in the delivery of a project. What did you learn and how did you overcome it?

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They don't really ask you question about you ability because that is all on your resume... they just want to know you as a person and how well you can work with other and teams because Protiviti is all about working in teams.

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"Why are you looking at industry".

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How would you price a radio site?

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Questions were not difficult or complex.

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How would you price a handset or cellphone to be purchased by the company?

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Which is more preferred: an 80% solution with a plan in place that is on-time or a 100% solution that is not on-time

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To give the wave caps of my career

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Timed business case challenge where the deliverable was a panel presentation describing the approach to launching a functional improvement initiative and a business development initiative.

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