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International Project Manager was asked...March 18, 2016

Quelles sont les valeurs de l'entreprise?

21 Answers

Bởi vì tôi ưu thích công việc này

Chào mưng fbajn đã đến với công ty

Chào mưng fbajn đã đến với công ty

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Standard Chartered Bank

The e-tray test is the most difficult stage.

3 Answers

Can u give me your email so that we can contact about SCB a little bit. Thnks :x Less

hi i'm wondering how many days are you given to complete the e-tray exercise? It appears the link expire for me after I attempt to do three days after receiving the email... Less

I've finished my 2 tests and now get to write a cv. Do you have any tips for that ? And what about etray test? Which is the position that you applied? Less



3 Answers


Het spijt ons dat je er zo over denkt. Wij hebben je uiteindelijk inderdaad niet uitgenodigd omdat we de juiste kandidaat al hadden gevonden. Wij zijn hierover eerlijk geweest, omdat we jou tijd en geld wilden besparen om vanuit Utrecht naar Tilburg te reizen. Wij vonden namelijk niet dat we het konden maken om jou op gesprek te laten komen, terwijl wij de juiste kandidaat al hadden gevonden. Nogmaals, spijt het ons dat de sollicitatie bij ons voor jou een onprettige ervaring was. We hebben je absoluut niet willen benadelen en we gaan kijken hoe we dit in de toekomst beter aan kunnen pakken. Less

Hoe kunt u weten of die "juiste kandidaat" ECHT "juist"was als u die andere kandidaat niet had gesporken? Die was misschien NOG beter! Less

Standard Chartered Bank

Q: What is your point of view about the market at the moment?

3 Answers

Hey I was also interviewed the other day and am awaiting for the result as well! Have u heard from them yet? Which function did u apply for? Less

Hey Dao, I haven't heard from SC ever since. What is your status now? I applied for FM. Less

Hey guys, what function did you guys apply to?

Flight Centre Travel Group

The psychometric test that I undertook was quite tricky and took almost 2 hours and I answered around 250-300. Questions. Quite daunting

3 Answers

Business attire no denim

There were 10 sets and first 7 were untimed but the last three were timed and had 4 minutes to answer 10 questions in each and it was math and abstract thinking and English Less

What is the dress code for the group evaluation ?


How do you influence people without power?

3 Answers

The best way to influence individuals without power is to lead by example.

I gave examples from my current work with our collaboration partners and how we work together. Less

Share our achievement and how it changes people life for the better


Problem Solving questions from the Recruiter: 1) What is 20% of 120? 2) What is 2/3 of 210? Problem Solving question from the Manager: 3) If company A has a budget of $5,000 per month for 20,000 clicks and company B has a budget of $6,000 per month for 35,000 clicks, which company is paying more?

3 Answers

Quicker way to answer the second question: 5,000/20,000 and 6,000/35,000 can be reduced to 5/20 and 6/35 = 1/5 and slightly higher than 1/6 (6/36) and clearly 1/5 is more than 1/6 so the answer is A. This can be done easily in your head if you are familiar with fractions. Less

Question 3) is all about CPC (cost per click) A: 5000$ / 20,000 = 0.25$ (cost per click) B: 6000$ / 35,000 = 0.17$ (cost per click) Answer: Company A is paying more per click Less

1) 24; 2) 140; 3) I said company B and calculated the math for the manager outloud. According to her I was correct and they seemed impressed with my answers. They want to know if you can do basic math. They do not want you to use a calculator for these types of questions. Less

The European Times

Why the European Times?

2 Answers

ANSWER-Because I'll get to meet the most powerful business leaders in the world. COMMENT-It was an easy question for me. I'm a realist and don't care for when recruiters ask, So why our company? Most people think because it's a job, and anything that flows out of their mouth is more then often B.S. Less

Did you get a feel of how the accommodations would be while traveling? Any realistic value on pay? Less

The AKKAdemy

They insisted in asking in every interview, why do I want to join the program.

2 Answers

Dear Candidate, thank you very much for your valuable feedback. We are very interested to understand why every single candidate is interested to join AKKA to match our offer with his/her expectations. We are paying attention to desire of our candidates and we are sorry to hear that this question could lead to confusion during your selection process. We are trying to give as much as information possible during our selection process and very happy to answer on any question related to AKKA. Unfortunately not always is possible to disclose all information or anticipate information. We are constantly working on improvement of our process and your feedback will contribute to this propose. Thank you and we wish you all the best for your professional future. Less

I think that they insisted so much into this question but I always wondered why they ask me that so much but at the same time they give me so little information about the company. Now it seems like just so I would subconciusly convince myself for it. Never felt for it. Less

Delta Air Lines

Are you able to adhere to DELTA's strict dress code?  

2 Answers

I mostly answered based on GLASSDOR answers

That’s awesome!!!! Best of luck!!!!! Correct... Unfortunately I was on vacation at the time they suggested a F2F... I’m sooooo sad! Hoping they are going to give me another chance for F2F Boa sorte!!!!!! Less

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