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What do you like to do in your free time?

1 Answer

I told them what I like to do

Why are you interested in this position?

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One of the foreign panelists gave me a scenario involving an international student who suffers for social anxiety and performs poorly. At least I think that was the gist but I honestly think I missed most of the question because it was so difficult to understand, it was through skype and the panelist stumbled on their words. It thought it impolite to ask them to repeat the question and that may have contributed to my performance.

How do you see yourself supporting international students in this role?

After three phone interviews, and excellent feedback that led me to believe I would be moving along to an in person interview, I was told that they went with another candidate and that had added to the needs of the position. A few weeks later the reposted the same exact job ad for the same position, having changed none of the qualifications. I feel like I was mislead and that the communication was very poor.

What Is The Two Year Home Country Physical Presence Requirement and who is subject?

Do you have direct or indirect experience with international student visas?

I was asked questions about budgeting, where looking back the answer should have been something like "insufficient information to answer this question." I felt a little tricked and ended up giving a stupid answer.

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