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What I'd like to do in 10 years

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There were no especially difficult or unexpected questions asked.

I had done my homework and studied their products and technology prior to my interview so I did not feel that I was not prepared for any questions that they asked me.

Why do you want to work in the online marketing field?

What experience have you had working with data at your current position?

1. how will you manage when there is high stress at work 2. How will you fix conflicts with developers 3.sql queries -distinct on multiple columns, duplicates on 3 fields -how will you display distinct on all 3 fields, replace null with '4' without using update -using select query 4. Failed in production, passed in test -how will you handle this as a QA member 5. 1 million records ,but 100K mising in destination table, how will you find where its missing . 6. Agile/JIRA 7. unique creative way of doing wokr-in past with eg