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You are in a room with 3 switches which correspond to 3 bulbs in another room and you don't know which switch corresponds to which bulb. You can only enter the room with the bulbs once. You can NOT use any external equipment (power supplies, resistors, etc.). How do you find out which bulb corresponds to which switch?

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Turn on 2 switches. Turn one switch off after a few minutes. Enter room with bulbs. The bulb that is on is the only switch that is on. The bulb that is off but hot, is the switch that has been turned off. The bulb that is off and cold is the third switch.

Turn on switch A for 1 minute. Turn it off. Turn on switch B. Enter the room with the bulbs. The hot bulb is A The lit bulb is B The dark bulb is C

Turn switch A leave it on for 1/2 minutes and turn it off then turn on switch B. Now goto the room, the one Hot is A, Cold(or not Hot) is C, the bulb thats on is B.

If you have a three gallon jug and a five gallon jug No marks on either one The goal is to fill the five gallon jug with four gallons of water How is this accomplished?

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They ask to contact your references before the interview so they can look good in front of a client at your expense by making you treat your references as disposable contacts.

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They asked mostly the right questions just for the wrong role..Im at a point in my career I do not want the leadership roles any longer I just wanted to go to work do a good job and go home

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They asked me no questions during the "phone interview"...

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best/worse boss

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The customer service questions got me. Due to me never really having to deal with that. Also, the tech support questions got me a little. I did not know if they wanted me to solve all the problems right on the phone...

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Which band has less current drain and why? ( Cellular or PCS )

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If different Slot Cycle indices are set on base station and phone then what will be the behavior?

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