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Interview Interview Questions

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How would you address a circumstance in which you disagree with your supervisor's decision or actions in a particular instance?

1 Answer

I responded that my responsibility is to provide my supervisor with sufficient info for her to make a good decision and ultimately I have to trust she is going to do just that, she won't ask me to do anything unlawful, and as she has the overall responsibility, I will need to accept her decision and move on with business to support her decision.

What is iphone reference library?

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Why do you want be Flight Attendant?

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Given 5 pirates on a ship, they need to distribute a pot of gold that has 100 gold pieces inside of it. The first pirate must make a proposal of how the gold will be distributed. If he receives over 50% votes from the remaining pirates, then his proposal will be accepted and the gold will be distributed. If he receives less then 50% support, then he will be thrown off the ship and die.

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Consider an X x Y array of 1's and 0s. The X axis represents "influences" meaning that X influences Y. So, for example, if $array[3,7] is 1 that means that 3 influences 7. An "influencer" is someone who influences every other person, but is not influenced by any other member. Given such an array, write a function to determine whether or not an "influencer" exists in the array.

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Given a string like "I'm being interviewed by Amazon" implement a method that reverses the given string so that it looks like "Amazon by interviewed being I'm".

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Given two arrays find all the points of intersection between the (i.e. equal elements) and return them in an array.

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Name a problem you had with a supervisor or teacher. What happened and how did you overcome it?

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How do you change a list of words in a file from slug format to Capitalized words? (ie police_officer to Police Officer)

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If you could describe yourself in two words what would they be?

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