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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

3 Answers

Tough question not having graduated college yet.

I will be a very wealthy individual.

In the USA or back to Canada, my blessed homeland...

Why do you want to work Nestle Waters

1 Answer

What process would you have for the placement of goods on store shelves?

1 Answer

I was asked if I was detail-oriented, computer savvy, and easy to get along with.

1 Answer

I'm trying to sell puffy jackets for next season. (And then they add a bunch of useless numbers about units and item #s to throw you off) How do I figure out how many jackets need to go to each store?

1 Answer

Their line of businesses.

1 Answer

Give a situation where you were able to increase efficiency?

1 Answer

Name a time when you made a decision that had a poor outcome.

1 Answer

"If you have 100 widgets, then you increase the number by 10%, then you decrease the number by 10%, do you have more, fewer, or the same number of widgets compared to the beginning?"

1 Answer

"What do you want in a company culture."

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