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Inventory Control Manager Interview Questions


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If you were to be selected for the position, what strengths would you bring? (In essence, why should we hire you.)

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I don't like this question because, though I are playing up my strengths and downplaying my weaknesses, I don't want to sound conceited or overconfident. This can be a real turn-off to interviewers. I try to phrase my answers in a way that make it apparent that I am confident in my abilities, but I realize there will always be something else I need to learn or become proficient at to be a better employee.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

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My most uncomfortable experience at work.

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Why are you leaving your current employer?

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Are you comfortable with inclusive working style, i.e. group work

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How do you make change in an organization.

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What project did you do in the past that demonstrated your creativity?

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