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What is your availability like? This is not an unexpected question, but I didn't expect it to make or break my receiving a job offer.

2 Answers

I'm availability all the time.

This doesn't surprise me at all. Most of RGIS' work happens during third-shift type hours, but you need to be available to travel to and from work sites and some things happen during the day.

They did the math on the hours and pay, and asked me why it was enough for me. 1-2 days a week at # hours at $ would be this much a week, tell me why that is enough for you

1 Answer

can you work any time?

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Why is the door front locked? Where is the Receptionist?

1 Answer

There weren't any questions as it wasn't truly an interview, they were more interested in your availability to work.

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Where do you see yourself in five years?

whats your availability? do you have reliable transportation? how did you find this job?

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Very few questions were even asked.

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