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Investigator Interview Questions

"When hiring investigators, employers are looking for candidates with top-notch observational, communication, and problem solving skills. In an interview, you'll want to demonstrate that you are a critical thinker with strong research abilities and an in depth knowledge of the law. The precise questions you'll be asked will depend on the type of investigation you are looking into, so make sure to do your homework on your employer's line of work."

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Tell me how you would conduct an interview of a reference for security clearance.

2 Answers

Identity of reference, determine scope of relationship, ask questions to verify they know the person, ask the designated questions.

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How do you detect fraud? What experience do you have?

1 Answer

What would you do if you were the one survivor in a plane crash?

152 Answers

What systems are you used to working on?

8 Answers

What was the most pressure you ever felt?

7 Answers

Are you OK with being directed to do work and then having it change last minute?

5 Answers

You receive an on call report at 3 AM about children screaming and it is believed the children are being physically hurt. What would you do?

5 Answers

Tell me about yourself?

5 Answers

What would you do if a subject does not wish to talk to you about the applicant?

4 Answers

If there was a time someone didn't like me how did I ...................

4 Answers
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