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What is a mutual fund?

1 Answer

Mutual funds allow you to put your money together with other investors to buy stocks or bonds. This is a good option for smaller investors to diversify investments.

none were extremely hard or difficult. Maybe, what is my ideal work situation, what do I like the most about where I am and dont.

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Why Allstate?

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Describe a time when you were in a dilemna and how did you solve it?

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Why are you interested in accounting?

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What type of tools have you used for financial analysis

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Very laid back questions and all academic/work experience related. Questions didn't feel scripted at all and were very conversational. It was "round table".

Name a time you worked with a team were everyone had a different agenda?......wut? All sorts of behavioral questions. I saw another post that mentioned how they ask you questions and theres a lot of downtime in between questions. Thats true. They would ask me a question then spend a minute or two just writing while I waited. I hated it. Also I read on here that I would be asked technical questions such as what if the difference between a stock and a bond and what is a mutual fund. I was not asked those questions in my particular interview.

Tell me about the financial statements and the significance of each.

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