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Investment Banking & Asset Management interview questions

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You have a birthday cake and have exactly 3 slices to cut it into 8 equal pieces. How do you do it?

36 Answers

Cut in half, stack, cut in half, stack, cut in half. All you have to worry about is the 45 degree rotation of one of the 4 pieces after the second cut. Blade can be kept in place, like a paper cutter, as to minimize the margin for error.

Slice it horizontally across the middle creating two equal halves top and bottom. Then simple two slice cross from above like normal.

Cut each slice into 3 slices. Then eat one of them.

25 horses in a race. 5 horses can run as a group. what's the minimum # of runs required to find the fastest horse.

2 Answers

What's the best unbiased estimator for a series random variables?

3 Answers

1. Let's role play, sell me a bank product..... 2. If im a customer and I declined what you are trying to sell me...

2 Answers

How far apart is the hour and minute hand a 3:15?

5 Answers

How do you determine the risk profile of a company?

1 Answer

Write an efficient stored procedure to allocate unique integer ids.

1 Answer

3. Stock A has a volatility of 20%, B has a volatility of 30%, and their correlation coefficient is 50%. They have the same expect returns. Suppose we can buy x share of A, and 1-x share of B. Then what the x should be for us to invest to make our portfolio has the minimum volatility?

1 Answer

What are the steps you take to handle customer's transactions?

1 Answer

How will you achieve your goals.

1 Answer
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