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Tobin & Company Investment Banking Group Interviews /  HQ: Charlotte

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Shattuck Hammond Partners Interviews /  HQ: New York, NY

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IEG Investment Banking Interviews /  HQ: Berlin

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investment banking Interview Questions

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Write code to return a sorted array of int, when passed in 2 sorted array of int to the method.

4 Answers

consider using only 1 loop

the efficient way would be: using a loop, pick item from array1 and array2. compare them, and add smallest into a new arrayList., followed by the higher. eventually, convert this arrayList into an int array using arrayList.toArray)int[arraylist.size()]). why adding into third array? if we pick one from first array and insert into the second array at appropriate place, it will push all subsequent elements and try to increase arrayList2's capacity. these pushing back and increasing are expensive operations. hence creating a new arrayList and adding guarantees a one time iteration.

use loop meaning 1 loop? or 1 inside of another?

You have 2 3 gallon bucket, one 5 gallon bucket. How do you get 4 gallons of water?

6 Answers

How would you deal with a task that you have no clue how to do and no one is available to help you?

3 Answers

There are 9 balls one of which is lighter than the others. How would you find the lighter ball in 2 tries

5 Answers

I was asked about how to avoid data corruption in relational databases. (very broadly, not specifics)

2 Answers

If you invested $100 right now and earned 10% returns in your first year and then lost 10% in year 2, how much money would you have at the end of year 2?

2 Answers

Describe a data structure for phone numbers in a particular area.

2 Answers

Are you ready for your SAS exam?

2 Answers

If 80% of Ford's sales is in Europe, what would happen to company's annual revenue if the exchange rate decline from 1.5 to 1.

4 Answers

In accounting, what would you do if you bought a car with cash?

3 Answers
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