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What are the methods of valuing a company?

2 Answers

It's DCF(Discounted casfhflow) & Relative method, where FCFE(Free cash flow to Equity) is vital for equity shareholders & FCFF(Free cash flow to Firm) is vital for the company.

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If someone offered you $1000 today or paid out at $100 a month over the next ten months, which would you take?

5 Answers

How do the balance sheet and income statement relate?

3 Answers

What is a shareholder's right's plan? (poison pill)

2 Answers

You have 100 balls (50 black balls and 50 white balls) and 2 buckets. How do you divide the balls into the two buckets so as to maximize the probability of selecting a black ball if 1 ball is chosen from 1 of the buckets at random?

2 Answers

What valuation method derives the highest EV?

2 Answers

When valuing a biotech company, what is the most important factor you need to look at?

2 Answers

What to use as the discount rate in a DCF?

2 Answers

What techniques would you use to value a company?

2 Answers

Which one has a higher discount rate, DCF or LBO?

2 Answers