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Invoice Call was asked...October 4, 2017

Why did you applied for this job?

4 Answers

Because I want to work in a new environment.

Because this is a great platform to showcase my skill.

i wanted a new opportunity,where i could learn new things and grow my career..

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Samsung Electronics

Can you work long hoursjob Jux basic questions what are my goals.where do I see myself in 5yrs .how long was my last job

3 Answers


Yes im already doing it

I already work at samsung its a 12 hour shift and a must work on can not have kids or any other responsibility .... I dont just work here i live here!!! You cannot move up here, you just work and work! Less


How many years of global billing experience do you have ?

1 Answers



If you would drop on a teammate, would you do it?

1 Answers

It depends on the severity of the issue, if it can be solved internally, I'd rather talk with the teammate in trouble rather than escalate the person. Less


your experience

1 Answers

i explained very detail of my work experience


Why I have left the prvious Organization

1 Answers

Since it is my personal, I have explained my situation to the manager and makes him understand. Less


What makes you a qualified for this position?

1 Answers

I was contracted in this position and have grown since being here. I have also evolved the process that is takes to process the invoices Less

Primary Health Care

How comfortable are you with answering queries on the phone? Do you have experience dealing with complaints?

1 Answers

Discuss your history/experience with people ringing up complaining about invoice charges. The role didn't involve private customers (luckily), but apparently commercial customers can still get a bit stroppy, so sometimes you have to placate them while being super duper professional. Less

Anselmo Lindberg & Associates

What is a good reason to be late or not come to work?

1 Answers

When something is/was happening that was unexpected that I had no other alertantive and would be late, or, not able to come yo work at all. Example was, I got in a car accident on my way to work. Less

YRC Worldwide
Invoicing was asked...September 24, 2019

Quite a few months ago so I cannot recall

1 Answers

Quite a few months ago so I cannot re all

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