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What are the App states. Explain them?

2 Answers

Active: app is foreground Background: app is not foreground but still executing codes Inactive: app is suspended

Not Running - app has not been launched or was running but terminated by system. Inactive - app is running in foreground but not receiving events. Active - app is running in foreground and receiving events. Background - app is in the background and executing code. Suspended- the app is in the background but is not executing code.

One question 3 of the interviewers asked me was "What was the most difficult thing you had to deal with.".

6 Answers

If you have a program that runs slow, how will you improve it to run faster?

7 Answers

Write a function that determines which function is a mirror number. i.e. 12321 would return YES

6 Answers

Emphasis on algorithms and complexity analysis and some higher-level design. Process is perhaps more focussed on discussion of alternatives/trade-offs/complexity over necessarily nailing a "perfect" answer in the provided time.

2 Answers

How would you copy a custom object like a "Node" from a search tree in Objective C?

3 Answers

What is ARC?

1 Answer

How would you build this UI? (The example to build was a UITableView.)

1 Answer

What's the difference between a strong and weak reference?

1 Answer

stack or a heap, which is faster?

2 Answers
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