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Why do you want to work for Phillips? What do you know so far about the position? How long have you been working with wireless tchbologies? What's your background as a researcher?

Explain interprocessor communication in Linux System?

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Are you interested in UI design?

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Define security concepts, such as difference between encoding and encryption, purpose of TLS.

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They all asked me about the internship I had with HPE but with a different division. Some of them asked me what I liked doing during my free time. A lot of them admired that I had some programming skills. One of them asked about my humility saying, "I know that you're in grad school right now and some grad students expect to do all of the engineering work but how comfortable would you feel if we had to give you some grunt work?" Another one asked me to go up on the board and draw the important parts of computer architecture and to provide an example for each important part. A lot of them asked me about my senior design project. A lot of them asked me about a time where I had a project and things weren't going the way I wanted to. Some of them asked me what they believe my weaknesses are and what my strengths are. The hiring manager asked me some questions during our lunch and he just asked me about my experience with VHDL programming and we talked a lot about some technical stuff. One of them asked me where I saw myself in five years. Some of them asked me why I studied electrical engineering and where my influence came from. Most of them explained to me what this team did and how everyone practically does everything not they're not limited to being a software engineer or a hardware engineer or a mechanical engineer, etc. One of them gave me a brief tour of their labs. Each person I interviewed with was a 1 on 1 in the same room. The room had some hardware inside. And some of them talked about the hardware they were working on. I managed to show my knowledge and I was able to point out a few things within the hardware that common within all electronics (they never asked me anything about their hardware because they didn't expect me to know their products). The interviews were pretty easy and there weren't any questions where I had to really think about. I knew how to answer each question right away and I was given a lot of time to explain my senior project and some of the questions they asked me. My advice is to bring some water because you will be talking a lot. These interviews are not meant to trick you nor make you unwelcome or feel dumb. Remember that the reason why you have an interview in the first place is that they believe that you're potentially a good fit for the team.

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