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IPhone Software Engineer was asked...February 1, 2010

How would I implement the 'ls' command in Unix?

3 Answers

I did not have sufficient knowledge in filesystems to answer that question.

I remember the way how I did it when I was in college is to first to know the current directory then you iterate each of file/directory nodes in the file system at that level and print out each of them one at time. Less

If this is in reference to the command line. Typing ls in terminal in the "desired" file directory, will output all files within that file. So, for example if you navigate to your "documents" folder and type "ls" you will see all files contained inside your documents folder. Less


How does the runtime program loader work?

2 Answers

this depends a lot on the executable file format and what the OS expects an 'executable' to be (a DOS COM file won't work like a Linux ELF or an OSX Mach-O file) however, the loader should be ready to resolve dynamic symbols needed by the file, by loading and mapping libraries into the new process' address space (unless symbols are loaded lazily, such as GetProcAddress() in Win32). once all this is complete, the loader should give control to the start routine of the process, which in most cases is not going to be the user's provided main() but some standard library initializing routine Less

dunno. Seen it in college, never had to worry about those details.


My involvement into technical event at my college.

1 Answers

Fortunately, I had a lot to tell as I had been an active member of my College technical events committee. Less


Related to iPhone Mobile Technology

1 Answers



Some basic iPhone SDK questions

1 Answers

just say what you knows about it.

Usuals questions about my job

1 Answers

usual answers about my job

Xicom Technologies Ltd.

iphone view life cycle

1 Answers

answered it pretty well


What is the significance of Director in cocos2dx.

1 Answers

Decent enough

question on linked-list was to delete the node in singly linked list. Second one was to get the middle node of the linked list

1 Answers

Deletion of node was easy and middle node also...

Tanzanite Infotech

Aptitude Test, being 2 yr exp, i was more focused to my domain, hence out of touch with aptitude style questions

1 Answers

Aptitude test majorly consists of ratio based problems. 25 questions are given to solve under 30 mins. To, solve candidate should be quick at maths. Less

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