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Interview Questions in Irvine

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What do you think about when you are alone in your car?

35 Answers

Write a function that finds the median of a set of three numbers, also find the Big O. Can it be done with only 2 comparisons, or do you need 3?

11 Answers

Phone interview question: Given a string pattern of 0s, 1s, and ?s (wildcards), generate all 0-1 strings that match this pattern. e.g. 1?00?101 -> [10000101, 10001101, 11000101, 11001101]. You can generate the strings in any order that suits you.

12 Answers

Given Vcc and 2 capacitors A and B in series to ground, what is the voltage in between

4 Answers

If you had a savings account with $1, at a 100% interest rate, at what year would you have 15 billion dollars?

4 Answers

what do you think is the most important part of sales

5 Answers

What are you salary requirements?

4 Answers

Get the kth largest number from two sorted arrays

3 Answers

Write an application that maps out a large set of data in as little time as possible.

3 Answers

how to generate a clock divide by 3

4 Answers
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