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Account Manager Interview Questions in Irving, TX

"When interviewing for an account owner position, be prepared to speak to your skills in communications, marketing, and client relations. Employers will be interested in your ability to create long lasting relationships with clients and generate sales for a portfolio of accounts. Your interviewer may test your abilities with a role play question, so be prepared to give a mock sales pitch to a difficult client."

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Please spell "idiverticulitis".

23 Answers

This is definitely meant to embarrass people. I suspect the best you can do is ask the standard spelling bee questions (e.g., ask for the etymology and for them to use it in a sentence). In this case, their sentence will probably be pretty outrageous. I had to look it up, but diverticulitis is a "small, bulging sacs or pouches of the inner lining of the intestine (diverticulosis) that become inflamed or infected." After that, I'd totally botch the spelling but hopefully have enough poise to laugh it off.


@GBAD - Yes! I thought the same. This one begs for a follow-up question delivered with a smile, "Thank you. Can you use it in a sentence?".

what's your motivation

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What are the most important characteristics that an Account Manager should possess? How would handle someone who was not doing their job.

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I think for me the toughest question I was asked in the interview process was "How could I see myself contributing to this business"?

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What stood out most to you on the website? .

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What is something you could work on?

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I was only asked if I had any questions.

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