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IT Interview Questions in Irving, TX

IT professionals build, design, and maintain the systems that handle storing, sending, and retrieving information. Employers are looking for individuals who are able to systematically solve the tough and unusual problems that arise in the field. Expect to be asked many hypothetical questions that will assess your thought process when dealing with complex problems.

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What kind of experience do you have in IT?

5 Answers

I answered with my personal experience and school experiences

I think your answer is great! I touched wrong - button .sorry!

I have worked there before throw a staffing agency called Wolono

Where do you see IT in 5 years?

1 Answer

Are you a specialist or generalist?

1 Answer

If you had to choose one phase of the project to be most important, which phase would it be?

Tell me about your experience with IT projects.

I attend the process 1st through online test and then in there company for Written i.e is coding

Do you know how to dispose of a halogen projector lamp bulb?

How am I going to contribute to the growth of the department? What do I bring?

2 Answers

They were not prepared and I was asked the same, general questions over and over again about my experience, etc.

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