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Senior Software Engineer Interview Questions in Irving, TX

"Senior software engineers are the most experienced member of a software team and usually carry the most responsibility and authority of that team. Because of this, interviews will be designed to find candidates who have expert knowledge of the field and years of experience as a software engineer. Expect to be asked tough technical questions and to give examples of previous projects that you have worked on."

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all the questions were about C++ and STL . • From the start I felt that the interviewers were trying hard to fail me. • I have never seen an interview that is 100% technical and 0% behavioral. • Four hours of relentless technical questions until I can’t answer anymore. • No meeting with managers or supervisors which was very odd. • All interviewers were from Indian background.

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Coderpad: given an array scores[][] = {“jerry”,”65”},{“bob”,”91”}, {“jerry”,”23”}, {“Eric”,”83”}} Find the student with highest average score

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Coderpad interview: Given an array of non negative integers, find the smallest sub array that at least equals a value x that is also passed to the function.

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