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Technology Analyst Interview Questions in Irving, TX


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Minimum number of races to find the fastest horse among 25 races and a racecourse where 5 horses can be raced simultaneously.

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What was a timeline for a project and how did you meet it

What was a problem u faced and how did you fix it

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Abstract class vs interface and when to use which

What do you know about Citi and what makes you want to work for our company?

Logic game: 3 boxes containing Apples, Oranges, Apples & Oranges. All boxes are labeled incorrectly. You can pick only a single fruit from only 1 box. Re-label them correctly.

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What qualities do you have that make you a fit for this position.

Design an algorithm for a business executive to manage meetings. The basic idea is simple, but they drilled down your algorithm to satisfy various requirements.