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All were general questions like Why do you want to work for Mc D? Why do you want to work in this field? How you would be a good fit for this position? How good are your teamwork and leadership skills? One of the good question i feel was "Most of the people who work at Mc Donald stores forget their password. So what mechanism/software/feature you think will make them reduce those password reset problem"

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My Answer to that quoted question was that they should have something like image based(puzzle solving, select multiple images from available images to form a code, something based on images because image is worth thousand words ) I did not mention about biometric/face detection techniques because we have to consider hardware and implementation cost factor worldwide. Interviewer was impressed with that idea and she also told me that she is actually reading a book in which it says the same about the images and human behaviour, etc etc... I do not know why I didn't hear positive reply from them... may be I did not do well overall. Creativity is not always the only thing employeer is looking for. Or may be I was just over qualified for the job :) Usually the interviews at Mc Donald headquarters are on every Friday. Managers are less busy on Fridays.

How do you handle data integrity and data confidentiality?

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Tell me about a time when you faced conflict in a team. ----- Try not to badmouth anyone! Just be honest and use the STAR technique so your stories are going somewhere.

Articulating my past job experiences because I didn't have any difficult jobs in the past.

Questions asked where- Where did you come across this job posting? What is your expected salary? Why did you choose the major in which you are? Why do you think you can do this job? and some questions about relocation

What do you know about our company? Have you looked at our website?

Describe something interesting from your resume.

What is your familiarity with Cisco's earnings report?

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