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How would you go about implementing a new service for a company with 6 offices and 1000 employees?

3 Answers

I gave them a step by step approach as to how I think I would approach it and gave them a real-life example of a service we had recently deployed. It wasn't what he was looking for.

well, i think this question demands a solution that could work in a distributed fashion, cut across departments and offices and scale with the number of users. This new service got to be uniform, easy to use, and enhance business objectives. Use project management approaches and framework is best, such as SOA. Use best practice out there.

At first I have to see the requirements and the available resources.

Name a situation where you had to work with someone of an older generation.

1 Answer

Why are man-hole covers round?

4 Answers

Suppose you have 10 socks in a box, 5 white and 5 black. Removing socks at random one at a time, how long would it take to get a pair of socks in the best case? In the worst case?

3 Answers

They also asked me if I could work at a company that has a certain level of future uncertainty in it.

3 Answers

Describe a time where you were given multiple tasks to do at the same time, how did you handle these task and why.

3 Answers

Why would you want to join a small company like our given your prior gigs

3 Answers

Why do you think you're qualified for the position.

2 Answers

can you work 80 hours a week?

2 Answers

Explain to me how "views" work in the context of a Database Management System.

2 Answers
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