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They asked what methodologies/processes used.

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Very familiar, constantly used on my current job & explained about the current method in use.

Tell us about the OWASP Top Ten Vulnerabilities for 2013.

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Do you have experience with writing IT policy and procedures?

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Normal interview questions. Afterwards they said they wanted someone who would get along with the team.

Behavioral question #1: Tell me about a situation at work when something didn't go right and how did you resolve it?

Behavioral question #2: Tell me about a time when you had to use your power of influence on the job and how did you obtain a positive result?

How do you work with someone who tells you "no" they can't do something?

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Some of the questions that were asked were mostly puzzle/intelligence test such as how many blocks fit into a certain space, what would you do if left on an island and needed information and going over technical skills. They tend to ask questions based on the experience you have on your resume.

The hiring Xcel manager had specific questions regarding Identity Access Management activities.

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