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How to account for accrued expense?

2 Answers

Expense accrued but unpaid. Duh! Accounting 101.

Debit expense account, credit accrued expense account

What is your biggest weakness?

1 Answer

How do you handle hard to work for people? How do you deal with stressful situations. Oooooooooo

1 Answer

Lots of hard questions but PVH is looking for people to be honest and work hard so I really do understand why they do what they do.

1 Answer

Why should I hire you instead of all the other people applying for this position; including those who are already Best Buy employees?

1 Answer

How well do you know about each of the divisions of the company

1 Answer

How often are you sick

1 Answer

Would I be OK dealing with a volitle personality? I was told they asked that of everyone...

1 Answer

First question: What do you know about FOJP?

3 Answers
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