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What stresses me out.

1 Answer

I am a very easy going person and there is not to much that stresses me out. I roll with the punches. So, I had to think hard about how to answer that one.

What do you know about Anita Borg Institute?

1 Answer

Walk me step-by-step through how a person would pump gas.

1 Answer

How to move user in Active Directory console from one OU to another?

1 Answer

What if a user cannot open a specific excel file and then later could not save any work? What If a remote user needs access to a VPN client that is not installed on there system? You're also working remotely and user says I do not have admin rights to install. What would you do? What is the best Antivirus software out there?

Please describe a time that you had a conflict

1 Answer

What has been your biggest mistake you have made in your career?

Describe a situation where you have had to work in a team to overcome a problem on a project.

The question that came up most often was whether or not I had ever worked in a chaotic environment.

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