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How many unique handshakes if each person in a group of 10 give handshakes out to each and every other individual. (a) 100 (b) 50 (c) 45 (d) 20 (e) 10

3 Answers

45. Imagine it as a polygon of side 10. Or draw out triangle, square, pentagon, and see the pattern yourself, if you don't know the algorithm.

true, or 9+8+7+...+2+1

Or just do: (10 Combination 2) = 10!/(2!8!) = 45

1 million card applications. $1 per application cost to do employment verification. 96% pass verification and get a card. 4% fail and do not get cards. Given average profits on cardholders in good standing, and average losses on accounts that default, find the % of denied cardholders that would have to default in order to justify the $1 per application verification cost .

8 Answers

"Answer this question while I ignore you and then I'll criticize you for having not mentioned a solution...even though you did, which I ignored."

2 Answers

If I decide that you are not the right candidate after you leave here, what am I missing out on?

2 Answers

You have no real world experience with what this job requires. If presented with an assignment/project with real world demands and deadlines, how will you meet these needs?

2 Answers

How much pay do you think you are worth?

1 Answer

Bob can make a cigar from 5 used butts of old cigars. If he has 25 cigar butts, how many cigars can he smoke?

1 Answer

Describe middle technologies and how they can be used to make collaborations more seamless

1 Answer

None. Typical techno-functional questions. Although in retrospect, I was asked my approach/opinion to their 'mini' HCM upgrade and politely disagreed with their questionable methodology. Perhaps this is what warranted their final decision => 'The consensus was that you’re quite a bit more experienced technically than what this job would require and that it’s probably not the best fit at this point in time.'

1 Answer

What was your favorite programming project in school?

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