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The CEO asked me to rate myself on my overall I.T. knowledge on a scale from 1 to 10.

4 Answers

Being that this was such a subjective question i answered a 4-6 given my years of experience and Larry said Bullsh@t you are a 3 at best.

You were bullied, broken down, and low balled yet you worked there to gain experience. So were they accurate on their assessment of your skill?

No they were not accurate on their assessment because you cannot assess someone's skills that quickly, otherwise you are making assumptions based on your subjective perception. The usage of profanity and character assassination also speaks poorly for someone who is running a business.

Basic questions about Digital radiography system 1) How much is my experience in digital radiography system? 2) How often you communicate to Field service engineers and dealers? 3) Technical questions about DR system

1 Answer

They asked for me to talk about the technical depth for several of the items that I had shown on my resume, thankfully I was honest on my resume and was able to provide the right answers and subsequently received approval for the right job.

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Where will you be in 5 years? How the hell do you answer that these days?

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1. What is the DoD8560 Baseline? 2. What do you access when you cannot connect to the internet?

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Redoxiness Interview Session: to determine if i was a good fit for the company's culture. Asked about successes, challenges and failure examples.

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Can you work long hours and holidays

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Difference between RIP version 1 and version 2

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"Hi I am ____, I called to check if you are fit for this position or not'!! 'How to create SCCM package for software deployment' & 'What is IP and how it works?', where I was interviewing for Sr. Systems Engineer position and responsible for VMware, SAN etc.

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Name a time you when you had a difficult time working with a group member and how you overcame this challenge.

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