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If a Windows XP PC was experiencing a BSOD on boot, what action would you take?

2 Answers

Verify AHCI is off

I would pause the screen, read BSOD system error details, reboot in Safe Mode and start reading system log files to see whether I would be able to make a correction to solve the issue. In the meanwhile, I would pay close attention to any clicking from the hard drive (if it happens to be a SATA drive, solid state drives do not click), make sure all my internal cables are all well set, and continue after determining the potential cause of the BSOD.

The most difficult question was to give the exact steps that I take during infection removal and how to check if the infection is truly removed.

Why did you leave prior/current employers?

1 Answer

If I had any networking knowledge and skill

1 Answer

She showed a APIPA address 169.254..... and asked why you would see it In addition, I was put on a workstation and was asked to perform basic functions

1 Answer

Why should we hire you over other applicants?

1 Answer

Do you have the qualifications do this job?

1 Answer

If there was a customer in California using a laptop doing work on the internet who all of a sudden lost the connection to the internet what steps would you perform?

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