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IT Field Technician Interview Questions


IT field technician interview questions shared by candidates

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How many days a year do you think is reasonable to miss days at work?

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What is a network switch, general PC knowledge questions, what is a Requisition.

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Relate an instance where you used bad judgement for a previous employer, and what you did to correct it.

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Why did you leave prior/current employers?

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Why should we hire you over other applicants?

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Experience in Help Desk, printer and Windows/Mac computer troubleshooting, how familiar with the university campus

What experience do i have to bring to the position applying for.

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If there was a customer in California using a laptop doing work on the internet who all of a sudden lost the connection to the internet what steps would you perform?

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Are you ready for extensive travel and being away from home

How are you able to fit your schedule with the project that we need done? Will you be able to do 3 or 4 site visits a week? Are you okay with the compensation for per site?

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