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What is your weakness

4 Answers


I work very hardly and sometimes I never maintain a work life balance

Self aware

Why are you the best fit for the job

2 Answers

How many Balloons can you fit in a garage?

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"Do you have any reservations reporting to a woman."

2 Answers

What is the difference between a hub and a switch?

2 Answers

What are some of your strengths/weaknesses Scenario questions (ex: If you were faced with an angry customer how would you handle the situation?)

2 Answers

Have you had much work with iscsi before?

1 Answer

I am a recent graduate, so they asked me this: Since you are a recent graduate and usually graduates spend about 2-3 years at their first job, what do you expect from AngioDynamics and what do you think you will need to do so that the company's goals and your personal goals will complement each other?

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That stuff about FSMO and Office 2013. Who cares about the microsoft terminology? FSMO? Really, do I need to have that acronym memorized to perform the functions of help desk? Also, the question about what creature am I in the Aquarium. I don't do well with those. I don't know whats in the Aquarium. I've never been there.

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You have a Director on the phone with a high priority issue, a report due by your manager, and an email that just came in which needs your attention. What do you do?

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