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None. HR could not answer ONE question.

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How much money were you asking for?

10% more than I currently make. Very reasonable considering 20% is common. The position also required a lot more in terms of support for 4 campuses and 24 hour and weekend on call. What did the HR person offer as a benefit or highlight of joining NYP? That Dr. Oz works there -- not kidding you.

You can look at the salaries for IS Project Lead here ( there are 7 posted). I think that should give you an idea of what the pay range for the position is.

The questions are very standard, just google behavioral interview questions and you will be able to find them all online. They are usually aligned with Eaton's competencies, like 'Dealing with ambiguity' or 'Driving for results'. The most difficult questions are where they ask you to demonstrate a time where you didn't display being competent in a certain area. They are very critical on these questions. Try to think of a situation where you struggled but still came out of it in a positive way.

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Role specific questions, scenario questions.

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Most unexpected questions were regarding my marital status and my family situation.

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The site is a high ticket site, are you capable of dealing with that?

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Define a Fixed Income asset.

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What does SQL stand for?

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describe a situation when you had a a bad complain very fast presentation of the system after a tour of the place and test skills and after the waiting to see you pass or fail and if you pass the interview with the team lead and after they thank you and they will call you

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If the position was split into two roles, one being a more technical hands on and the other more of a management role, which would I choose?

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What is your communication style?

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