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Tell us about the OWASP Top Ten Vulnerabilities for 2013.

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Although OWASP was buried in the body of my resume, I had the list memorized and I thought I nailed the question.

Describe your IT accomplishments.

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INTERVIEW WITH FIRST GROUP May we know you? Why do you want to join World Bank? If your current Manager is to talk about you, what would she say about your strength? What would she say about your weakness? Have you worked on a global project before? How many were you in your team? Do you have experience in an Agile and Waterfall Framework? Can we see some of the artifacts you have produced on any of your projects? Assuming you are a supervisor, how do you ensure that the exit of one of your subordinates does not affect the deliverables within your team? INTERVIEW WITH HIRING MANAGER I know you are a Business Analyst. Can you describe your normal work day? Can you describe your Business Analysis role with specific focus on Vendor Management? Do you have experience in an Agile and Waterfall Framework? What is the difference between the user stories Story in an Agile Environment and the User Stories in Water Fall? Can you give some specific examples? What is the difference between capabilities and functionalities? I faced lots of questions but these are the ones I remembered. Most of the unlisted questions are personal/behavioral questions so, sis not give my brain unnecessary stress by trying to remember them because anyone who made it to the short list should be able to answer those questions.

Explain your understanding of what is Enterprise Architecture?

What do you want to accomplish? Why should we hire you? What will you bring to our table?

Hardest part was to make sure I was using their specific terms to technology as using generic terms seamed to throw them off and caused confusion of skills they desired and could bring to the table.

Describe an important achievement

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