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Provide a specific situation from your work history when you failed as a Project Manager and what did you do about it?

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Provided a situation early in my career as a Project Manger where mistakes are expected. I detailed how I learned from the experience and what I do now to mitigate that from happening again.

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How would you handle insubordination or direct reports failing to meet expectations

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How do you define project plan?

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Why should we hire you?

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CCAT Test Please use the below link to complete the CCAT Test which is also mandatory in order to be considered for the final interview stage. Make sure you use your same name/email used to apply for this position. We will automatically look up your CCAT scores using this email address so it is vital the email addresses match. Note: If you’ve already taken CCAT with Crossover using the same email address, there is no need to take CCAT again. We will only count your first CCAT attempt with Crossover. Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test The CCAT measures cognitive aptitude, or general intelligence. This test provides an indication of a subject’s ability to solve problems, digest and apply information, learn new skills, and think critically. Cognitive aptitude is one of the most accurate job predictors of job success for any position. In the space below, you may enter anything you like to submit the test.

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What is the process you use to build your project plan

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Give me a situation where you experienced an escalation.

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How many projects can you handle at one time? This seems straightforward enough but until the level of complexity, duration, staffing, team, can be assessed the answer is difficult to provide.

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Scenario based questions... such as, how would you handle multiple demands for time and resources from different organizations.

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What do you want your next role to be.

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