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The interviewer asked me a very pointed question about one of my past experiences listed on my resume. It had been a while since I'd thought about this particular line item, so I struggled to give specific details when relating my answer. Make sure you thoroughly review your resume before going into the interview - this is where many of the behavioral-based questions will come from!

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Hi. Could you talk a little detail about the case? What industry is the case about? Did you read the case yourself or the interview read it for you? Did you do a lot math on it? Thanks!

Thanks for the comment. The questions they ask you about the case are very open-ended and designed to give you a chance to demonstrate your creative problem solving skills. It's not designed like an exam, where there is a clear cut answer. You'll just be asked to comment on the situation and prove that you have the ability to think critically. You won't need to do a lot of math unless that is your chosen approach in tackling the problem.

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