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what was your biggest disappointment in life

3 Answers

Stupid interview questions

could you suggest two good questions to ask the interviewer?

test it

General get to know you type interview question. In the west at least, the personality of the organization is more about finding the person who is the right fit. This is likely to change as the Konica Minolta culture seeps deeper into All Covered.

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Mixed in one technical question: How would you walk me through resolving an issue if I were a customer, my printer wont print anything?

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What ricks do you see from the case

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If I'm your manager and we are flying to the location of our clients, you have 3 minutes to ask me any question and this is your only chance to ask me questions. What would you ask?

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What would you do to keep your group successful

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If you could be any fruit, what would you be?

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What kind of experience do you have support pharmaceutical research environments?

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