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The question which rose my eyebrows was : How would I react in case of injustice.

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I answered that I am a very positive person and never ague. They were more interested in my reaction to that rather than in the technical details of my skills. Eventually I was thinking I was hired to document some kind of a project. Which actually turned out to be not the case.

Why do you want to work for Vanguard?

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How would you handle local caching of a web application in case you want that web application to run without an internet connection on the client? (I respond.) Oh, that's a good idea. But wait, we mean just for Chrome? (I respond.) Oh, that would work, too, but we are looking for something specific. (I respond.) Oh, we'll just tell you. You could use Local DB storage using HTML 5. (I respond.) Oh, we know you don't have HTML 5 experience, but we decided to ask the question and waste your time, as well as ours, to try to get a very specific answer out of you, but without giving you a specific question! Isn't this fun?

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Describe a difficult predicament you were in and how you went about resolving it.

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Do you know what our company does?

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What kind of computer do you have at home?

What is the difference between the different types of JOINs in SQL, left/right and inner/outer?

How would you create a Google style type of search engine using ASP.NET and C#? How would you create one of our E-Commerce webpages that allows an end-user/customer to go online to create a custom T-shirt or Yard sign.

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Was given 2 tasks to work on and try to solve in the time allowed. -Asked how to query and output the totals of a file- searching for a specific word(s). Typically using scripting tools knowledge. -Installation of mail service on Unix platform

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