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What is polymorphism? What is the difference of dynamic and static polymorphism?

2 Answers

polymorphism, along with encapsulation and inheritance, are the main qualities of object oriented programming languages. Polymorphism basically means that a function/variable/object can behave differently based on context, and can take multiple forms

Dynamic polymorphism means the polymorphism happens at runtime; static polymorphism, on the other hands, compile time. For C++, it is virtual member function vs. non virtual. For Java, all member functions are implicitly virtual and so only dynamic polymorphism is possible in Java.

What software development methodology do you employ?

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How can I figure out whether linked list is cyclic?

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5 and 3 bucket problem. Basic sql and Java. Very much resume based

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Important factors in project management

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How do you assess the stability of a server

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I was really unprepared for the technical questions in my behavioral phone interview, as I was specifically told that it was going to be behavioral.

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